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SWG Filtration System


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SWG Filtration System for your water garden includes: Pump Box (17″ x 17″ x 20″) with all connections, filter mat, and your choice of pre-cut lengths of filtration hoses. Three sizes to choose from that are included in same pricing.

If you are needing a variation in length of filtration lines not included please call customer service for help. 913-837-3510.

Filter Mat only needs to be replaced approximately every three years.

To complete your DIY custom kit:

  1. go to waterfalls page and pick out the style of waterfalls you want
  2. choose size of underlayment for protecting your liner
  3. choose size of liner needed
  4. measure from your where you’re pump unit is going to sit to where your waterfalls is- that is the amount of return hose you will need (always figure a little more than less)
  5. Pick out your pump
  6. Order your filtration system.

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If you need any help deciding what is best please contact us.  You can email us under contact us or call 913-837-3510. We will gladly assist you putting your kit together.


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length of filtration hoses included with system

3'4'5', 4'6'8', 4'8'8'


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