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Pond Liner Mini Roll


45ml EPDM fish safe liner

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45 ml EPDM fish-safe liner pre-cuts are available. If you need a size not listed please contact us for quote. If you have a drop of 6″ or more you can overlap liner without tape. Lay the lower piece of liner in place first and then place your upper liner in place putting at least 1-2ft. of liner overlapping the lower piece of liner. This will prevent the water from wicking back under the liner. Make sure you calculate this into the total amount of liner you will need.

We do not recommend piecing liner together with tape under water level. There is always too much of a risk of future leaks.

Approx. liner needed for pond based on 2ft. depth: (lenght+5) x (with+5) =sqft

(5=2ft down plus 2ft up plus 1 ft extra for edges)

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15'x20', 20'x20', 20'x25', 20'x30'

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