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Aquatic Floating Island


Black Foam Floating Island – Does not include Plants.

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Floating Islands are made out 2″ Black Foam with 5 holes so you can put 5 Aquatic Marginal Plants in. The Floating Island provides shade and a hiding spot for your fish and it is also good for filtering the water as the roots from your plant are dangling in the water and take up nutrients.

In a five hole floating island, it is best to plant a tall ( up to 18″-2′) in the center. You could choose plants such as dwarf papyrus or umbrella plants, water iris, blue bells and many more to choose from for your floating island to give some height. In two of the opposite corners you can use creepers such as lemon bacopa, creeping jenny, moneywort bacopa, red rotalia or many more low creepers to choose from. These creepers will help cover the black of the foam as they grow. In the last two holes you could plant some smaller plants such as chameleon, crushed ice arrowhead or dwarf bluebells.

In a few short weeks you will see a big difference as the plants grow.  Approx. 12″x12″

More benefits of floating islands:

  • They provide shade for the pond during the hot summer months.
  • They provide cover for fish from predators.
  • Protect plants from large grazing Koi
  • Best of all… they are self-watering!





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