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2014-06-14 chrometella

Hardy Water Lily

The most recognizable aquatic plant is the water lily. They are adaptable to almost any water garden and produce extraordinary blossoms with an abundance of colors to choose from. Lily pads rest at the surface level of the water and provide shade for the pond and fish while providing a beautiful green background for the […]

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Is Your POND ready for the Winter?

This pond is. All the plants have been trimmed and the leaf net is on and the waterfalls are running without all the leaves clogging it up. Buttoned up for whatever the winter brings and still able to appreciate the sights and sounds. Leaf nets work wonders!!!   The best working Maintenance product for this […]

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Pond Fall Season

Fish Food For Fall Spring/Fall fish food are floating pellets which soften quickly so even small fish can eat easily. Formulated for feeding fish in water temperatures 70 degrees and below: when fish are less active and require high levels of carbohydrates and little protein. Contain stabilized Vit. C to help maintain their immune systems. […]

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THE SECRET BEHIND SWG’S FILTRATION SYSTEM The Secret to the SWG’s IPF™ (In –pond filtration) System is the gravel covering the filtration lines that run along the wall of the 16’ shelf. These lines are connected to the pump box where the submersible pump then draws the water through the gravel providing the beneficial bacteria […]

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Leaf nets for the ponds

It amazing that the heat and a little dry spell can trigger leaves to start falling, especially the river birch and other soft wood trees. I’m not ready for Fall just yet. But it does make you think of getting ready for when it does comes. For now we are simply scooping out the leaves […]

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