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Ogon Sweet Flag

Sweet Flag

The hardy marginal, Sweet Flag, has a unique history specific to the time of past pioneer days. Sweet Flag favors shallow water, especially if it is moving. As groups and families were moving across the country in search of a new destination they were often forced to travel across large bodies of water which could often […]

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Morada Bay

Tropical Lily

Tropical lilies have round shiny leaves that always have crinkled or serrated edges that float on the water’s surface. Their leaves can be green or maroon and some have wonderfully colorful green mottling with darker shades of maroons or deep purples. The large dramatic blooms can get to 10” or more and usually very fragrant […]

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Holy fire lotus


The lotus plant is native to Asia and represents India as its national flower. Lotus do not like the colder weather and must be moved to the deepest part of the pond where it is less likely to freeze. With warmer temperatures these beautiful flowers will bloom and add beauty to any pond! These spectacular […]

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Life of the Water Garden

To be a Frog… Moist smooth skin Mostly stays in water Prefers moist habitats Have vomerine teeth in upper jaw Eggs are in masses Or not to be… I am a Toad Dry bumpy skin Prefers dry habitats Can adapt to moist conditions Have no teeth Eggs are formed in chains To be a Dragonfly… […]

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2014-06-14 chrometella

Hardy Water Lily

The most recognizable aquatic plant is the water lily. They are adaptable to almost any water garden and produce extraordinary blossoms with an abundance of colors to choose from. Lily pads rest at the surface level of the water and provide shade for the pond and fish while providing a beautiful green background for the […]

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Black Gamecock


The aquatic Iris doesn’t always bloom the first year but once they get established they will greet you with blooms early every Spring about the same time as the land Iris. If you have several different colors you can extend your blooming time as they don’t usually all bloom at the same time. If you […]

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2017-08-16 20.14.16

Growing the Lavender Haus

We greatly enjoyed learning about lavender and the many natural benefits it offers! We grow seven different varieties of lavender at Swan’s. Check out our Lavender Spotlight blog posts to read more about the unique characteristics of each variety. If you love locally grown lavender products, look no further. Our Handmade Lavender Spa Essentials line […]

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Fall Leaf Net Pond

Fall and Winter in your Pond

Frigid weather…ice sculptures sparkling off the waterfalls…a stream flowing through the snow. A winter wonderland created in your own backyard. But wait, you cannot see anything under all that ice. Is everything OK down there? Understanding what happens to your aquatic life makes it easier to be at ease in the winter until spring comes […]

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