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Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants and flowers bring beauty to the water garden, while softening the hard look of all the rocks. They provide shade and are natural filters for the water and help reduce algae growth. There are literally hundreds of varieties and colors of aquatic plants to choose from. So whether you have a themed garden or not, full shade to full sun, you can find plants that will work in any situation.

First of all, aquatic plants are great because you don’t have to water them or weed them!

The terms for aquatic plants are fairly simple: hardy plants are the same as perennials and will over winter in the pond. Tropical plants are the same as annuals that need to be taken out at the end of the season either to bring indoors and treat as house plants or simply throw them out so they don’t add to debris in the bottom of the pond when they die.

We will not be selling aquatics plants over the internet at this time. Pictures are to give you an idea of what is available on the market for dressing up your water garden. Available at our Retail Store. 4385 W 247th St  Louisburg, KS

  • Yellow Hardy Lily
 Hardy water lilies– extraordinary blossoms with an abundance of colors to choose from. Lily pads seek the level of the water and provide shade for the pond and the fish. Will over winter in the pond. You might have a red Meteor, a yellow Joey Tomocik. How about Peach Glow or a fuchsia Mayla, to name a few? Need at least 4-6 hrs of sun and fertilize regularly during the season to bloom profusely.
  • Tropical Day Lily
  • Fuchsia Tropical Day Lily
Tropical water lilies-Day bloomers great unusual color selection with choices of blues, purples, rainbow, and more.  Large colorful leaves with multiple blossoms that tower above the foliage. Bloom later into the day than Hardy versions and longer into the end of the season. Some spectacular Day Tropicals are the William McLane, Blue Aster, Star of Zanibar, Tina, and Green Smoke to name a few. Prefer 4-6 hrs of sunlight and fertlize regularly to maximize blooms. Tropical Day blooming water lilies are usually not available until the end of May in the Midwest,when water temperatures reach about 70 degrees.
  • Woods White Knight Night Tropical Lily
  • Red Flare Night Tropical
  • Amazon Tropical Night Lily
  • Amazon Tropical Night Lily
Tropical water lilies-Night bloomers  that actually open in the evening and stay open all night until 10-11 in the morning are Red Flare, Wood’s White Knight, and Texas Shell Pink.Will not over winter in the pond. Do not need at least 4-6 hrs to bloom, which makes them prefect for a shade water garden. Fertilize regularly during the season to maximize blooms.Tropical Night blooming water lilies are usually not available until the end of May in the Midwest,when water temperatures reach about 70 degrees.
Lotus– Spectacular plants featuring huge, vibrant fragrant flowers and large round bowl-shaped leaves that stand high above the water’s surface. Available in small (2-3′), medium (3-4′), and large that can get 5-6′ after a year or two. There is a big enough variety that there is a size for any pond.  On the large lotus (3-4yr old) we have measured leaves 23″ and flower blooms 14″! Amazing!
Marginal-TropicalsShallow water loving plants for the edges of your pond ( usually on the first shelf, container gardens, and bogs. There are many available with unique foliage and there are profuse blooming varieties for summer long color that add dramatic  foliage accents. Will Not winter over in the pond, but you can bring in during the winter as house plants. Keep in holeless pots and with water. Plant 1-6″. Need full sun to part shade.  Umbrella palms, papyrus, and taros are a few that will take full shade.
Marginals-HardyShallow water loving plants for the edges of your pond (usually on the first shelf), container gardens and bogs. A vast and varied assortment of foliage textures and sizes, many blooming varieties also. Can be used to create transition from shallow water to pond’s edge. Plant 1-6′. Need full sun to part shade.
FloatersThese plants float on the surface of the water and remain unrooted. They provide shade and cover for fish to hide. They help maintain water clarity by shading and absorbing nutrients directly from the water. Need 4-6 hours of sun.  (Water Hyacinth is banned in some states where there is no winter kill.
Oxygenators– Remain submerged and oxygenate the water during daylight hours. They provide spawning area for the fish. Plant 12-24″.   Parrot feather is one of the oxgenators that always seek the water’s surface and will have frilly foliage that floats on the surface, very pretty.

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