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Welcome To “The Wonderful World Of Water Gardens” with

  Swan’s Water Gardens 

Swan’s Water Gardens is dedicated to “Creating Paradise…In Your Backyard.”

Swan’s Water Gardens is a family run business located on eight acres in Northern Miami County Kansas just 35 miles south of Kansas City, Mo.  Swan’s Water Gardens began in the summer of 1994 just two short years after building their first water garden in their backyard.  Swan’s Water Gardens is now the premier water garden company in the Kansas City area.

At that time there were very few companies building Water Gardens and even fewer companies where you could purchase pond supplies let alone get any instruction from someone who really knew what they were doing.

Fast forward to today where there are so many companies, with so many choices and so much confusion about which products to use and what products are best, which filtration system should be used with what pump and it just goes on and on.waterfalls pond2

From our humble beginnings as a design build firm we are now in our twentieth first season of building and maintaining water gardens.

We have used or tried most of the products you see today on different websites. Many of these products perform just as advertised, but sadly many of them do not.

Swan’s Water Gardens is proud to introduce the “SWG’S IPF System” After twelve years of testing the “IPF system” through the installation and maintenance of hundreds of water gardens we’ve proven that building and maintaining a water garden doesn’t have to be difficult, over engineered or researched to death.

Installing Swan’s Water Gardens “IPF system” (in pond filtration system) can be fun, exciting and very simple by following a few basic steps.

We invite you to visit our Water Garden Center, where we live and breathe “The Water Garden Lifestyle’ everyday.
Our new location on 247th St makes you feel like you have gone back in time with the courtyard, the old-fashioned street lamps and mailbox.
Check out our general store with detailed wood work and floors and original tin ceiling. You will find all the pond maintenance supplies to take care of your pond, mini accessories and much more. We test all our pond products before we put them on the shelves for sale to our  customers.

pond 4

Our Pots & More features holeless pots and baskets for your aquatic plants. You will also find containers just right for your mini  gardens and landscape plants and assorted garden accessories.
The fish shack will have goldfish, sarassa comets, shubinkins, standard Koi and butterfly Koi.
While strolling through the gardens, you may want to take a peak in our Lavender Haus.



If you have any questions regarding your water garden experience, feel free to call the office  913-837-3510.

Winter Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9-4

Check back for featured articles on the Home Page and archived in our Blog.

Happy Watergardening!


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