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How A Water Feature Can Save Your Backyard From Heavy Rain

Does your backyard turn into a wet mess with heavy rainfall, destroying the landscape and ultimately just give you a headache as a homeowner? What if you could turn that mucky wet mess into something both beautiful and beneficial to your home and health? Water flow can be controlled in decorative and creative ways that will enhance your backyard and your life. Learn how to turn a backyard suffering from heavy rainfall conditions into a stunning backyard paradise.

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The addition of a water feature to your backyard may save you stress and worry in the future by controlling the flow of water while adding beauty and functionality to your outdoor living space. Dry creek beds can direct the water flow coming into the yard and direct it into a rain harvesting water feature complete with waterfalls and streams. The excess water that has been captured can be used for watering the gardens later or to run your water feature. An overflow built into your water feature will direct the flow of excess water to where you want it to go from that point on.

Plantings around dry creek beds and the water feature can anchor the flower berms edges in place. You could even incorporate a bog garden with your dry creek beds to help absorb and filter the excess water and have a beautiful flower bed at the same time.

Due to the many days of heavy rainfall this year you have likely watched as your yard experienced extreme runoff. You were able to see how your yard handles, or maybe didn’t handle, the water flow. You watched where the water flowed or where it sat stagnant. Although unpleasant at the time it has provided you with valuable knowledge for producing a solution.

With an understanding of your backyard and the flow of water you now know where a French drain or a dry creek bed is needed to direct the flow of water or where a rain harvesting water feature could be placed to solve all your problems. YOU can now determine where that water goes and turn it into something that brings both pleasure and beauty rather than stress and headaches.

One of our most recent water feature installations had this exact problem. Every time it rained the homeowner’s backyard filled with water that flowed in from surrounding locations. We were able to create a custom design water feature that not only solved the problem and controlled the water flow but also created a stunning feature right outside their back door.

Designing now for extreme conditions will enable your backyard to handle almost any situation Mother Nature may throw at it. In the meantime, you will be able to enjoy the peace, tranquility and beauty of your 4 seasons water feature that’s just a few steps out your back door.

Contact Swan’s Water Gardens today to take the first step towards renovating your backyard from troublesome to tranquil.

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