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Sweet Flag

The hardy marginal, Sweet Flag, has a unique history specific to the time of past pioneer days. Sweet Flag favors shallow water, especially if it is moving. As groups and families were moving across the country in search of a new destination they were often forced to travel across large bodies of water which could often be a challenge. Fortunately for the pioneer, the presence of Sweet Flag was noticed specifically at shallow rivers, which were more easily traveled across. So when the group was ready to travel they knew it would be safe travels if the river they were crossing had Sweet Flag growing in it.  

Additionally, when they did settle the Sweet Flag could be used for another purpose, its scent. When building their homes Sweet Flag was placed under the flooring so as the residents walked around they were also pressing on the plant, breaking the leaves, and releasing its unique vanilla scent. This kept their homes always smelling fresh simply by living in their daily lives as usual.  

Sweet Flag is an extremely hardy plant and therefore winters over well. It has bright green and light yellow leaves, grows in small clusters and can reach a few feet in height. Its love for more shallow water makes it perfect to place in streams or around the edge of your pond. Its height can also add a unique element to any water feature.  

Plants like Sweet Flag will bring joy and beauty to your water feature year after year much like it brought joy to the pioneers during their travels and sweet smells into their homes.   

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