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Life of the Water Garden

To be a Frog…

  • Moist smooth skin
  • Mostly stays in water
  • Prefers moist habitats
  • Have vomerine teeth in upper jaw
  • Eggs are in masses

Or not to be… I am a Toad

  • Dry bumpy skin
  • Prefers dry habitats
  • Can adapt to moist conditions
  • Have no teeth
  • Eggs are formed in chains

To be a Dragonfly…

  • Hold wings perpendicular to body when at rest
  • Rear wings have broader base and are larger than front pair
  • Wings are held horizontally
  • Their bodies are broad

Or not to be… I am a Damselfly

  • Wings are held vertically when at rest
  • Wings are same size and shape for both sets
  • Wings taper down as they join the body
  • Bodies are very slender

To be a Hardy Lily…

  • Tolerate cold water
  • Can survive the Winter
  • Smooth edged round lily pads
  • Start from tubers
  • Bloom usually on pond’s surface or slightly higher
  • Day bloomers only

Or not to be… I’m a Tropical lily

  • Love warm water and weather
  • Will not overwinter in the pond
  • Large serrated edged lily pads
  • Start from bulbs
  • Blooms held high above the pond’s surface
  • Day and Night bloomers

To be a Koi fish…

  • Can get to be very large
  • Common body shape
  • Great variety of coloration and color patterns
  • Two main types -standard and butterfly
  • Prominent barbels on the lips

Or not to be… I am in the goldfish family

  • Usually stay less than 12” long
  • Greater variety of body shapes and fin and tail configurations
  • Coloration more dependent on variety of goldfish
  • Three main types for ponds- comets, sarassa comets and shubunkins
  • No barbels on lips
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