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Hardy Water Lily

The most recognizable aquatic plant is the water lily. They are adaptable to almost any water garden and produce extraordinary blossoms with an abundance of colors to choose from. Lily pads rest at the surface level of the water and provide shade for the pond and fish while providing a beautiful green background for the lily bloom. The lily pads are attached to long stems connecting them to the root tubers. They overwinter well and need at least 4-6 hrs of sun although they prefer full sun. By regularly fertilizing them during the season you will be rewarded when they continuously bloom. You can expect to enjoy blooms from May to September.

Water lilies prefer to sit in water between 18” to 2 feet. Keeping them in a holeless pot (8×10 or larger) will keep them from spreading throughout the pond and make it easier to fertilize as they are heavy feeders requiring 2-3 monthly tablets each month.

Pick dead leaves and spent blooms off the plants, which will encourage new growth. When planting lilies keep the growing tips above the ground level. Use regular soil and top off with pea gravel.


Click the picture above to visit the aquatic plants page to learn more and view different varieties of hardy water lilies!

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