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Large Pond and Lake Management

Algae Control, Muck Away and Aeration for Large Pond and Lakes!
One of the first things to get things started is to add blue dye as it helps prevent the sun rays to enter the water and spur on the algae growth. Also add Microble Lift HC – a high concentrated liquid bacteria treatment to help break down the debris, reduce odor and clear up the water. For problem ponds you can use Crystal Clear MuckAway, along with the other two products mentioned.- a muck and sludge reducer. It is available in a tablet form that are designed to sink to the bottom quickly to reduce muck and sludge caused by dead algae, leaves and fish waste.

Aeration is a key element in keeping your pond clear. An aeration plate placed on the bottom of the pond will bring the oxygen all the way down to the bottom where your beneficial bacteria is growing and colonizing. (Beneficial bacteria breaks down debris and aides in keeping your pond clear.It needs lots of oxygen to grow.) As the bubbles rise to the surface they will bring along any poisonous gases from the decaying debris to the top of the surface.

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