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SWG’s IPF™ Filtration System

The secret to the SWG’s™ Filtration System is the gravel covering the filtration lines that run along the wall of the 16″-18″ shelf. These lines are connected to the pump box where the submersible pump then draws the water through the gravel providing beneficial bacteria which grows in the gravel, a constant flow of oxygenated water forcing its way through the gravel. This process keeps the bacteria alive and spreading along the pond’s bottom aiding in the natural filtration of your pond.

pond side view 2

Unlike skimmer filtered ponds that actually leave a dead zone in the pond’s bottom where sediment is trapped in the gravel because there is no moving water.

The SWG’s™ Filtration System keeps the water moving in the pond’s bottom so that the beneficial bacteria can break down and consume fish waste and debris. Once the water enters these lines it is then drawn through a filter mat in the pump box, which is the second stage of filtration.

pond view 2 4webThe pump sends the water up to the waterfalls unit creating a beautiful waterfalls cascading over the rocks creating even more oxygen in the water.

Once aquatic plants and fish are added to the pond all the ingredients are in place for a low maintenance well-balanced ecosystem that will provide you many years of enjoyment in your “Backyard Paradise”.


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