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Classes coming for 2018 !

Water Garden VS. Pondless Features – Saturday April 21st & Saturday May 19th

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a water garden and a pondless water feature is? Or are you trying to decide what the best option for your home might be? If so, this class is perfect for you! Come tour the many water features at Swan’s and learn what makes a water garden and a pondless feature different from one another. Taught by Kevin Swan.

Aquatic Plants and Natural Filters – Saturday April 28th, 10am 

Join us to learn all about aquatic plant care and how they are natural filters for your pond, taught by Diane Swan.

Butterfly Container Garden – Saturday May 12th, 10-12

You love butterflies, but have no yard. Or maybe you just want a closer relationship with your butterflies and caterpillars. A container garden, placed in full sun, can fulfill the mutual needs of butterflies and gardeners.

Taught by Lenora Larsen, ‘science geek’ and butterfly extraordinaire, participate in a hands-on presentation which will review the basics of container gardening, then apply them to butterfly gardening. Participants will have the opportunity to build their own potted butterfly garden and will receive hand-outs to help with choosing the best plants to continue building potted butterfly gardens at home.

Bog Gardens – Saturday June 9th 

Lavender Wands – Saturday June 9th 

Attend this hands on class to create your own lavender wand! Learn the technique used to weave lavender together to form a soothing scented craft, perfect for your home or as a gift.












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