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Growing the Lavender Haus

We greatly enjoyed learning about lavender and the many natural benefits it offers! We grow seven different varieties of lavender at Swan’s. Check out our Lavender Spotlight blog posts to read more about the unique characteristics of each variety. If you love locally grown lavender products, look no further. Our Handmade Lavender Spa Essentials line […]

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Fall Leaf Net Pond

Fall and Winter in your Pond

Frigid weather…ice sculptures sparkling off the waterfalls…a stream flowing through the snow. A winter wonderland created in your own backyard. But wait, you cannot see anything under all that ice. Is everything OK down there? Understanding what happens to your aquatic life makes it easier to be at ease in the winter until spring comes […]

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French Perfume

Lavender Spotlight | French Perfume

Have you ever smelled French Perfume Lavender? This velvety purple bud produces an intensely sweet scent! Some unique characteristics of French Perfume include: -silvery green foliage -great for scenting potpourri or lavender wands -loves full sun -deer and rabbit resistant -can be planted in containers/planters on the deck -attracts butterflies Be sure to plant your […]

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Is Your POND ready for the Winter?

This pond is. All the plants have been trimmed and the leaf net is on and the waterfalls are running without all the leaves clogging it up. Buttoned up for whatever the winter brings and still able to appreciate the sights and sounds. Leaf nets work wonders!!!   The best working Maintenance product for this […]

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Munstead Lavender

Lavender Spotlight | Munstead

Did you know that munstead lavender can cure many ailments from headaches to sunburns? -potent antibacterial and anti-fungal properties -soothing scent to add to potpourri -blooms in summer to early fall -attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds -wonderful fresh or in dried bundles -dried buds can be used for sachets, dream pillows or eye pillows -highly […]

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Lavender Hand and Body Lotion

Looking for an all-natural lavender lotion? We are excited to introduce a new product in our handmade lavender spa essentials line! This is a wonderful lotion that will help keep your skin moisturized this fall and smelling of calming lavender. Just a small drop will go a long way. Be one of the first to […]

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Aquatic Plants and Landscape plants arrival

Aquatic Plants We will be getting the plants in as fast as we can for your convenience. We’ll bring in the hardy lilies and hardy marginal first, especially the aquatic Iris. They don’t always bloom the first year but once they get established they will greet you with blooms early every Spring about the same […]

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