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Algae Control

Tips for Keeping Algae under Control
First line of defense—a good filtration system.
Plenty of Oxygen in the water by way of waterfalls and aerators.
Add beneficial bacteria once a week for crystal clear water.
Aquatic plants for shading and absorbing nutrients from the water, stealing nutrients away from the algae.
Don’t overfeed your fish. Uneaten food adds unnecessary nutrients. Fish will eat algae.
Fix leaks—adding extra amounts of water increases nutrients in the pond.
Make sure there is no outside runoff into your pond. Lawn fertilizers and insecticides will cause algae blooms and could severely damage plants and kill your fish.
Remove debris– decaying debris adds nutrient.
Use barley products or Pond balance to help control the algae. OxyCleaner is a on-contact product that gets rid of existing algae.
In the Spring it can take a little time for everything to work. As the water temperatures get warmer and as the plants grow and get bigger, things will start working and you will see a difference. Some times it just takes a little patience so just don’t give up and quit. If you do, then you could get a large algae bloom and it can even be harder to get things back under control.

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